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How To Do It . . .

Making Window Screens

Making window screens requires a little patience and a little hand-to-eye coordination.
Like most skills, the more you do the better you get.

The Tools


The tools required are :
A flat working surface larger than the screens you are building,
A Miter saw or hack saw and miter box,
A Utility Knife, Hammer, Tin Snips,
Spline Roller, Screw Driver,
Tape Measure, Square,
Some blocking about 3" x 3" and 1/4" thick and
some 3/4" nails to hold the blocks in place.

The Working Surface

A piece of 3/4" plywood larger than your biggest screen works well. Place it on a table, or a bench or some sawhorses. Try to get the surface high enough so that you can work over it comfortably. Once your screen frame is assembled, you will use the 3" x 3" blocks and 3/4" nails to square up the screen frame and hold it in place on your work surface.

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