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Screening with Fiberglass

rolling-fiberglass-insect-screening.jpgThe screening procedure is a little different for fabric screening (Fiberglass or Solar Screening) as opposed to metal screening (Aluminum, Bronze or Galvanized).

Unroll a sufficient amount of screening to cover your screen frame and extend past the spline groove.

Using your Spline Roller, begin at one corner and roll the spline into the spline groove.

 As you roll, the screening will have a tendency to pull in the direction you are rolling. To prevent this, put your free hand on the fabric as shown. Apply enough pressure to keep the screening from bunching.

At the corner, turn the spline and roll into the spline groove. Continue rolling down Side #2.

At the next corner, turn the spline and continue rolling down Side #3.

 The screening has not been cut from the roll. The weight of the roll keeps pressure on the screening and helps to keep it from bunching as you roll.

Turn the next corner and roll Side #4. As you roll Side #4 it will tighten all the other sides.




When you are satisfied with your screening job, trim the excess screening. Run the utility knife blade to the outside of the spline.